Peer review policy and procedure

The aim of the Journal is to publicize the results of scientific research of modern problems of preventive toxicology, food and chemical safety.

This aim defines the main tasks:

  • promotion the creation of an open information environment that provides interaction between leading specialists and young scientists to solve the current problems of preventive and clinical toxicology;
  • publication of progressive and original methods, scientific research, discussion aspects of experimental and clinical toxicology;
  • publication of the main scientific results of theses by the applicants on scientific degrees and researches of applicants for the assignment of scientific degrees in the specialty "Biology and Medicine".

Author submits manuscript to the journal. Article should comply with requirements for articles, submitted for publication in the journal.

All manuscripts submitted to the journal are sent according to the profile of scientific research for review to a doctor of science – one of the members of the editorial board or a reviewer. In some cases, on the recommendation of members of the editorial board, manuscript is sent for review to an independent expert. When evaluating an article, the reviewer considers compliance with the subject of the journal, scientific novelty and significance of the presented results, compliance with the rules for preparing articles, the validity of the results; correctness of use of other authors’ results; correctness of references; the quality of presentation and design. In addition, reviewers determine the compliance of the article with the principles of bioethics and Publication Ethics and make recommendations to eliminate cases of their violation.

In the conclusion of the review, one of the following recommendations is indicated: the possibility of publication in the journal (as presented or after appropriate revision according to the comments of the reviewer) or the recommendation to reject the article for publication.

The period for reviewing the manuscript is no more than 1 month from the moment of its receipt by the reviewer.

The editorial board makes the final decision on the publication or rejection of the article, as well as the order of placement in the journal.

If the opinions of the editorial board and the reviewer do not match, then the article is sent for additional review.

The article sent to the authors for revision should be returned in corrected form (in 2 copies) together with its original version as soon as possible with a corresponding letter containing answers to all comments and explaining all changes made in the article.

The author is fully responsible for the scientific content of the article and the accuracy of the list of references.

After the editorial board makes a decision to accept the article for the publication, the editor informs the author about it.

The editor shall have no obligations on publication dates.

The editor keeps originals of the reviews for three years.

The editor do not enter into discussions with the authors about the rejected articles.