To Authors

Rules for manuscript preparation for publication in the "Ukrainian Journal of Modern Problems of Toxicology"

Warning! This page contains technical requirements for publications in Journal. But it is not enough. It is strongly recommended to read Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement.

Editors of the Journal asks Authors to adhere to following rules of article preparation:

The contents of articles should match the profile of the Journal.

Author's original must be provided in two forms — printed on paper (2 copies) and in electronic form (on CD/DVD, flash drive or sent via e-mail). Electronic and printed versions should be the same and contain the following:
- UDC (Universal Decimal Classifier if applicable); Title of article; last name and initials of the authors; science degree; organization's name, where the authors are working, cities, country;
- original article must have double line spacing, use Times New Romant font face and size of 14pt. Original article including tables, figures, abstracts, references must not exceed 20 pages, review or problematic article35 pages, short messages10 pages, other materials (historical dates, anniversaries) — 5 pages. Manuscripts are printed on one side with following margins: left — 2.5 cm, top and bottom2 cm, right1.5 cm;
- Tables, figures, graphs, photos in two forms — on paper and electronic copies (see below).
- References (total amount should not exceed 20 sources, for review — 50, 50 percents of them must not be more than five years old);
- Summary/abstract with full article's Title, last names and initials of the authors, keywords;
- The article must be personally signed by all authors. Separately, you must specify Contact information of Author (one or more) — phone/fax numbers, e-mail address for rapid communication with the Editorial Board. This information is not printed in Journal and used for communication purposes only!

For medical preparation, drugs recommended preference to the International Nonproprietary Name (INN) written in small letters. If necessary, specify trademark or trade name in quotes with a capital letter.

Structure of main text of the article must conform to generally accepted structure of scientific articles.

For example, Article that contains results of experimental research, in particular dissertation, and placed in "Original research" category consists of the following sections: "Introduction," "Objective", "Materials and Methods", "Results and Discussion", "Conclusions". Article placed in other categories may have a general or free structure.

Summary/Abstract of the Article with results of experimental studies must have the same structure as the Article with the same sections except Introduction. It must be no more than 300 words in length, no graphics, no tables.

Summary of other articles (clinical observations, lectures, reviews, articles on the history of medicine, etc.) may have different shape.

Graphics material on paper. Photos must be contrasting, pictures - clear. Each picture must be marked with number, last name of the first author, title of article, "up" and "down" signs. Captions must be supplied separately. Table numbers written on the top right, apart from the name of table. Picture captions are placed bottom starting with its number. Originals on paper must be submitted in two copies. Graphics must not duplicate table data from Article.

Graphics material in electronic form. Charts and Graphics must be built in Microsoft Excel or Microsotf Graph and inserted into the Article as corresponding Object. Do not transform it into pictures. Use TIFF or JPG file formats with resolution not less than 300 dpi. Patient's photos are placed with their permission. Photos with patient's face must be reliably anonymized.

References must be numbered consecutively in the order in which they are mentioned in the text. Use following order for monographs – last name, initials, book title, publisher, year, number of pages (Example: Dehtyareva I.I. Pancreatitis / I.I. Dehtyareva – Kyiv: Zdorov'ya, 1992. – 168 p.); for journal or digest articles – last name, initials, full title of the article, the standard abbreviated name of the journal or digest, year of publication, volume, page numbers (initial and final) (example: 8. Vasyl'yeva N.V. Stan oksydantnoi ta zakhysnoi hlutationovoi system krovi khvorykh u rizni periody mozkovoho insul'tu / N.V. Vasyl'yeva // Bukov. med. visnyk. — 1998. — T. 2, № 2. — P. 80–84).

Measurements of length, height, weight, and volume should be reported in metric units and temperatures should be in degrees Celsius. It is recommended to use International System of Units (SI).

Peer review policy and procedure can be found following this link.

We kindly remind that according to the decision of the Editorial Board dated 01.09.2022 we do no accept materials in russian language.

Reprints of Articles is possible only with the publisher's permission with reference to the Journal.

Please submit Articles on address:
03127, Ukraine, Kyiv, Heroiv Oborony st., 6.